Thursday, October 9, 2008

The New Adventures of the Old Max

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you know that I used to reside to Park Slope, Brooklyn. These days, though, you can find me in and around Boise, Idaho (the town of Caldwell, to be exact). It was a long and harrowing journey back in August and I was sad to leave one of my favorite neighborhoods in the world.

However, adventure awaited at our extended stop in Huntington, Indiana. I spent many a relaxing day on the farm, taking in the wildlife and being spoiled by my very gracious hosts.

This is Ana, a girlfriend I met when staying in Huntington. She smelled strange - and for some reason she wouldn't leave me alone. I have that affect on women.

There were good things to eat:

And fun things to try. (My grandfather and I both drove a tractor for the first time!)

Alas, the time on the farm came to an end and it was onwards to our new home.

Imagine my surprise when we ended up here:
(Downtown Caldwell)

It's a lot smaller that New York but the people are nicer - and there are a lot of things to do outside because the climate is considered high desert. Just this past weekend I attended a soiree for the humane society here, then traipsed over to Grove Plaza for a little WorldFest.

So from now on, you'll be hearing from me and my new adventures in Idaho.

Happy tails, er- trails, to you!


p said...

bow wowser!
Loved your blog and will be a dedicated watcher.
Keep me posted on the home front and give family a friendly lick for me please.
I love you and will keep in touch. Great Blog Space, did your mom design it? Good job! Love, Auntie P